Welcome to Origami Rhythmics Gymnastics Club!


Origami Rhythmic is a non -profit organization that provides comprehensive recreational and competitive rhythmic gymnastics for girls of all ages, serving Burnaby/New Westminster, Tri-Citites, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge areas in British Columbia. The mission of our club is to provide an opportunity to all girls who have interest in Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dance to discover their talents, learn the skills and elements of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dance in a positive, safe and nurturing environment that encourages the enjoyment of physical activity, self-confidence, performance and excellence in sport.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful Olympic sport that combines ballet and creative movements to music, while working with ribbons, balls, hoops, ropes and clubs in a choreographed dance-and-tumble routine. Rhythmic Gymnastics is unique combination of Sport, Dance and Art. We design the following programs that allow each girl to develop the rhythmic gymnastics skills at her own pace according to her age and abilities:

Our qualified coaches believe that each child is unique and special. They help children to discover their talents and develop gymnastics skills through encouragement and positive training. All athletes are encouraged to develop their skills in balance, coordination, flexibility, strength of body and mind, as well as feeling of rhythm through the harmony of movements that are accompanied by a beautiful music. Children who demonstrate passion, talent and dedication in rhythmic gymnastics are empowered to enter competitive levels and pursue their dreams further. Through their lessons children learn discipline, goal setting, and the feeling of accomplishment that builds self-confidence in everything they do, and that lasts a lifetime. We are proudly committed to foster in our club the atmosphere of care, support, respect, and friendship.


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Each year all our gymnasts look forward to demonstrating their accomplishments by performing for family and friends at our spectacular Christmas and Summer Shows. We are proud to participate not only in Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions but also perform in various dance shows and community events.

You can also join us for Summer Camp to discover the thrill of this elegant and dynamic sport learning experience that stresses flexibility, rhythm, and friendship.