Toddler Rhythmic Program

18 months – 2 years old

The Toddlers Rhythmic offers a diverse line-up of Origami Season and Summer Session programs filled with movement, music, learning and laughter.

From week to week our age-appropriate curriculum is designed to facilitate ongoing skill development and maximum fun. Children progress at their own pace, developing their confidence as they develop their skills.

Rhythmic Fun Program

3 – 4 years old

Three and four year old Rhythmic Fun groups will attend the club 1 hour 1-2 times a week.

Classes will introduce the basics of rhythmic gymnastics in a fun and creative way. Girls will work to develop better body posture, hand-eye coordination, flexibility and gracefulness.

Performing is often a goal and a highlight for each gymnast.

Recreational Rhythmic Program

5 + years old

Beginner Rhythmic gymnasts will learn basic body movement techniques required in rhythmic gymnastics. Gymnasts will also learn to use hand held apparatus: rope, ball, ribbon, and hoop in harmony with music.

Gymnasts will attend the club 2 hours a week.

Performance Rhythmic Program

7 + years old

In this program young gymnasts will learn basic and advanced techniques of rhythmic gymnastics.

This program is specially designed for girls 7-16 years of age who love to dance and who have some previous experience in rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics or any dance discipline.

Gymnasts will learn to use all hand held apparatus, such as hoops, balls, ribbons as well as some non-typical apparatus such as scarves, wide ribbons, hats, fabric, fans and specially choreographed dance routines. Gymnasts will practice body and apparatus skills appropriate for the Performance Level and rehearse display routines.

Performance Rhythmic gymnasts will attend classes 4 hours a week.

Pre-Competitive Program

6+ years old

It is a first step from recreational to competitive program. Pre-Competitive is specifically designed for kids that would like to try competitive rhythmic gymnastics, but are not able to train long hours in the gym. It also introduces the competitive environment in a more relaxed setting. Performers will do competition routines for adjudication in a real competition setting at Zones and if offered, join us for invitational events during the year.

Kids learn wide variety of body and apparatus skills, and will perform at Christmas and Year End shows.

All students have to pass required testing at the end of the term to determine readiness for competitive level.

An annual training commitment minimum 5 hours/week is required.

Competitive Program

6 – 16 years old

Girls are tested for flexibility, strength, grace and coordination prior to entering those programs. Our club offers variety of programs for competitive Provincial Western and National gymnasts.

Provincial Level

Provincial level 1-3 gymnasts receive more challenging choreographies and more advanced apparatus and body skills. Strong technique and foundation is refined. Athletes will compete in 3-5 competitions per season and invitational competitions across BC. Provincial level athletes who take part in the full BC Provincial Stream Program are required to train the full 3 day per week program minimum 9 hours weekly.

Western Stream

Levels 3B-6 Higher level competitive program where gymnasts express a dedication and a strong application to their mastery of the sport. Routines are highly individualized to each gymnast. There is a strong focus on polishing gymnasts, while growing their flexibility and their strength. Compete with individual routines at Westerns Regional Championships, BC Provincial Championships, and invitational competitions across BC, Canada, international invitational events. (5-7 events per year).
Required experience in provincial stream program. Training 12-15 hours weekly.

National Stream

It is great if they have competitive experience at the Provincial & Western levels, are goal oriented, willing to put in full effort and ready to train long hours (16 to 24 per week). National Program with each level having individual and group competitions. Hard work and long hours of commitment always show the best results, as a gymnast gets her chance to compete and show skills nationally all BC and high-level Canadian events, and international invitational competitions, travel and make friends around Canada and around the world.