Toddler Rhythmic Program

18 months – 2 years old


Toddler Rhythmics program helps the entry gymnasts develop strength, flexibility, coordination and listening skills, all while having fun and making new friends. From week to week our age appropriate curriculum is designed to facilitate ongoing skill development, assisting kids to better connect with their body and surroundings.

Rhythmic Fun Program

3-4 Years old


Rhythmic Fun groups will attend classes 1 hour 1-2 times per week. Classes will introduce the basics of rhythmic gymnastics in a fun, creative and engaging way. Kids will work to develop better hand-eye coordination, body posture, flexibility strength and listening skills. Kids will train in small groups with their peers, which will also help them develop better social and cognitive skills.

Recreational Rhythmic Program

5 years old +

Recreational Rhythmic program allows kids to learn basic body movement techniques required in rhythmic gymnastics. Kids will also learn to use hand held apparatus such as rope, ball, ribbon and hoop all in harmony with music. In this program kids will perform at 2 Origami’s home events – Christmas and Summer Shows, where they will showcase their group routines.  This program requires commitment of 2 hours per week.

Performance Rhythmic Program

6 years old +

Performance Rhythmic gymnasts will attend classes 4 hours a week. In this program kids will take their first steps from Recreational to Competitive program, learning a wide variety of body and apparatus skills. In this program they will learn their first dance routines, which they will have an opportunity to perform at multiple Invitational events, as well as Origami’s Christmas & Summer Shows.

Pre-Competitive Program

6 years old +

Pre – Competitive Program is specifically designed for kids that would like to try competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics, but are not able to train long hours in the gym. This program also introduces the competitive environment in a more friendly setting. Gymnasts will learn to perform routines for adjudication in a real competition setting at Zone competitions, Christmas and Summer Shows and Invitational events throughout the season. All Students have to pass required testing at the end of the term to determine readiness for competitive levels. An annual training commitment of a minimum of 5 hours/week is required.

Competitive Program

6-16 years old

In all competitive levels gymnasts are tested for flexibility, strength, skill and coordination prior to entering those programs. Our club offers a variety of programs for competitive Provincial, Western and National level gymnasts.

Provincial Level Stream 

Levels 1-3

Provincial level stream allows athletes to perform in 3-5 competitions a season as well as take part in multople Origami’s events, including, All Stars Invitational, Christmas show and Summer shows. In provincial level program gymnasts learn more advanced elements, choreographies, apparatus handling and body skills. Technique, strength, conditioning foundations are refined. In this level athletes will also have an opportunity to perform at invitational competitions across the province. Athletes who take part in the  Provincial Stream Program are required to commit to a 3 times per week – 3 hours per day program (9 hours week program).

Western Level Stream

Levels 3B-6

Western level is an advanced competitive program which requires gymnasts to express dedication and a strong application towards the training and mastering of Rhythmic Gymnastics. In this level routines are highly individualized to fit the personality and character of each gymnast. Program involves a strong focus on polishing gymnast’s choreography skills, with emphasis on important qualities of routine performance, such as creativity, artistry and expression. At this level gymnasts also partake in ballet classes to improve the quality of their performances. Western level athletes will perform at both Provincial and Western level competitions, with opportunities to participate in National and International Invitational events. Athletes will also perform at all Origami’s home events, including All Stars Invitational, Christmas & Summer Shows. Program requires a commitment of 12-15 hours weekly.

National Level Stream

Levels 7-10

All National level gymnasts would generally have prior experience in both Provincial and Western levels. This level requires a lot of passion and commitment to the sport as gymnasts must be willing to put in full effort and be ready to train long hours (16-24 hours a week). National Program within each level allows performance with both individual and group routines. At this level athletes will partake in regular ballet classes and private classes with their coach. National level athletes will compete and all Provincial, Western and National level events, as well as perform at Origami’s home events such as All Stars Invitational, Christmas and Summer Shows. This level also allows an opportunity for the gymnasts to take part in International Invitational events, where the gymnasts really have a chance to compete with athletes from all across the globe and experience what it’s like to be a part of world gymnastics community.